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At Nixus Cleaning Service we offer the best carpet cleaning service for your home and office. Clean carpet is the sign of a healthy and hygienic environment inside the building. Be it your office or home; you must keep your carpets clean. Our experts are ready to provide you with 100% guaranteed carpet cleaning services for both these places.

Types Of Carpet Cleaning

There are various techniques that the industry uses to clean the carpets. Since the stains are different from each other in nature; the process of cleaning them should not be the same.

Steam Cleaning

Basically, in this process steam is used to clean the carpets. The steam is applied on the carpet to loosen the stains and dirt from the carpets. Then it becomes easier to remove them. There are various types of steam cleaners available in the market. The experts of Nixus Cleaning Service use the best ones to clean the carpets. However, our selection of the tool depends on the size of the carpet and the types of dirt and stains it has. In this process, only water is used to create the steam, without any chemical. Hence, it is one of the healthiest ways to clean the carpets without any danger of chemical side effects.


As the very name suggests, this is a process where liquids are not used to clean the carpets. Instead of any kind of liquid, we use powder to clean the carpets. The powder is made of a special chemical manufactured for cleaning the carpets. Our experts spread the powder on the carpets and wait for a while for the reactions of the chemical. The powder loosens the stains gradually and then our cleaners can easily remove them.

Professional carpet cleaning can be done by applying both these techniques to obtain the best output.

Why It Is Necessary

In most of the households in Australia, families get sick because of living in a dirty and unhygienic environment. Though the house may seem perfectly cleaned the carpets can hold a pile of germs that can cause serious illness. The most important matter is, often you cannot even notice those germs in our daily courses. You clean your carpets regularly but still there can be thousands of germs that can be a great threat to the health of your family and dear ones.

Thus, it is necessary to hire an expert team who can fight against those unseen germs and stains. Our experts can apply the best carpet cleaning techniques to remove those stubborn germs and dirt from your carpets and keep them really clean as per your desire.

Best Team In Australia For Carpet Cleaning

At Nixus Cleaning Service, we offer professional carpet cleaning services within your budget. Our carpet cleaning services prices are affordable for average clients in Australia. No matter whether you want to have it for your residence or office – we are able to offer you the same without any fail.

Please call us to know more about our carpet cleaning services prices and book an appointment as per your convenience.


Nixus Cleaning Service is a family owned cleaning services company that offers the services all over Australia. We clean houses and offices.


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