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We, at Nixus Cleaning Services, understand how blurry it is to look outside through your dirty glass windows. Your eyes are directly connected with the brain and hence a hazy eye image causes significant disturbance to your brain. Our window cleaning services make sure your eyes and brain function accurately without any stress. Apart from affecting your eye and brain connection, a stained window gives an improper look to your premises. People suddenly coming for a visit may think you are not bothered enough to keep your stuff clean.

Why let them think so when our professional window cleaning experts are there to serve your purpose.

Residential Window Cleaning

“Cleanliness is Godliness” – It is a very famous saying. But your sweaty palm impression on the window glass will clearly prove that you don’t believe in the saying. Call our experts and they will be there with their tricks to make your window glass newer than ever. Most of you ignore these stains as you feel nobody’s going to notice the stains. However, the uninvited guests may make you feel embarrassed if you don’t take care of the minute things around.

Our experts know the level of expectations you have from them. Therefore, they are always ready to prove their worthiness. The professionals we provide for your cleaning services undergo strict training to polish their skills. This way, we ensure they get to know the tricks to make you happy. We know that it is the quality of our service that will keep you stick to us. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


The window cleaning services are the same for household and workplace surroundings. What differs is the approach. While a house can be single-storey or double-storey, commercial space can be multi-storey. Though the technical expertise that is required is the same for all premises, the equipment needed for the different approach varies.

Our professionals at Nixus Cleaning Services are divided into a separate group of individuals to deal with the commercial window cleaning needs of customers. A commercial space can extend from a single shop to a high-rise building. We train our technicians with respect to the usage of the lift equipment to reach even the topmost floors of the business empire.

All in all, we know our customers are looking for the best services at cheaper rates. We don’t say we offer the window cleaning amenities at cheap rates but you can, undoubtedly, call it affordable given to the quality we provide.


Nixus Cleaning Service is a family owned cleaning services company that offers the services all over Australia. We clean houses and offices.


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